Mill Creek watershed contains about 110 square miles. From its source, melting snows and rain in the Cascade Mountains and foothills it flows west through forests, farmland and the cities of Aumsville, Sublimity, Tuner and portions of Stayton and Salem where it empties into the Willamette River.

The other streams and creeks that add flow are Beaver, McKinney, Battle and Rodgers Creek. Near Stayton, water is diverted to Mill Creek from the North Santiam River, boosting the flow of Mill Creek during the drier months.

Friends of Mill Creek were formed in 1988. The group is comprised of community volunteers who are committed to protecting and enhancing Mill Creek and its watershed.


The goals for the Friends of Mill Creek is to build membership, establish partnerships with others, and work to form Mill Creek Watershed Council.


  • Clean up of Mill Creek, and tributaries.
  • Stream and wetland enhancement and restoration.
  • Watershed assessment.
  • Watershed education in the schools and community.
  • Watershed protection in cooperation with state and local governments.

Membership is always encouraged and welcomed. As an informal group we are committed to a healthy watershed. With the distance and varied communities Mill Creek traverses it is important to create native plant and animal habitats and prevent pollutants and debris from the streams, and banks. Creating a healthy stream provides recreation, a community icon, and a natural lush landscape for all.


Friends of Mill Creek meet the 2nd Monday of each month, at 6pm, at various locations.

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